Confined Space for Construction Trainer Course

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Upon completion of this class, the participant will know and understand the correct principles of the OSHA Confined Spaces in Construction standard, and will be able to deliver Confined Space training in a classroom setting


  • Understand the history of the confined space standards
  • Identify the applicable sections of the confined space standard
  • Know how to get started the right way with confined spaces by using the Hierarchy of Controls
  • Identify the characteristics of a confined space
  • Understand the two hazard classifications for confined spaces
  • Understand that not all confined spaces require a permit
  • Know the difference between “Eliminate” and “Control”
  • Understand non-permit required space requirements
  • Know how to apply the alternate procedure to a permit-required confined space
  • Understand the requirements for a permit-required confined space entry
  • Discuss the three types of confined space entry
  • Describe how the confined space evaluation process leads to certification
  • Identify acceptable ranges for oxygen, flammables, and toxic chemicals
  • Identify information found on the Confined Space Evaluation and Permit
  • Discuss the requirements for rescue provisions to retrieve a worker
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