Mid-America OSHA’s Safety Services programs will provide valuable professional safety services for a fraction of what it would cost to have a full-time safety professional.  In today’s tough economic times overhead is always the first line-item to get scrutinized when the budget belt gets tightened. When we look at the big-picture, safety and training (when done right) is an insurance policy against future losses. So naturally, cutting these things out of the budget could cost a lot later.

So how can a business stay competitive and still invest in the much needed safety and health oversight and training that will prevent major losses? There are many small ways to help cut costs. Some are simple, such as:

  • Ensure employees have and use protective equipment
  • Follow safety procedures to prevent workplace injuries, work delays and potential fines
  • Reduce costs by ensuring equipment is kept in good working condition and reduce waste

These examples require some form of oversight. Whether this is a well-trained supervisor or a full-time safety professional, someone has to document and implement corrective actions. Many companies are choosing to bring in outside help. A consultant can be beneficial in tough economic times: there is no salary, benefits, etc. and the company can still get access to a qualified safety professional.

A few of the training programs that we offer:  

  • Build your own program
  • Job site audits
  • Compliance assistance
  • Tool box talks
  • Program development
  • Accident investigation
  • OSHA recordkeeping

For more information on the levels of service and costs, contact us.